Obsessed with Obsessions

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Thomas Carlyle is very right when he said the world is the biography of some great people! Really the world of today is the story of the great people. While normal people live, great people define living. What makes some people great and other masses? One of the many reasons behind the greatness of the great people is their extraordinary passion, unimaginable obsessions to the things, the works, the drives he is passionate about, obsessed with, attached to or crazy for.There are two sorts of people on earth now; one donkey like and another is humanely! What is donkey like? The people who do things which they don’t like and keep on doing until death like a donkey. And what is humanely? Human beings are truly the best and the smartest of the creatures of God if they use the maximum of their potentialities. What human can do? Human can think to the utmost limit of imagination. I guess imagination is a quality which is short or lack in amount in other creatures. You may mention babui, pigeon, moyna or other intelligent birds. You may also know about the cunningness of fox, intelligence of dolphin, blue whales and many other like them. But can we think that there intelligence is one dimensional and can do one or two intelligent works! Contrary to that human can do hundreds of unique works and their intelligence is boundless. Human can imagine unimaginable stuffs!

What imagination can do? Yes. It is through imagination human can think of unimaginable stuffs, previously unthought about. We can fly towards stars, we can dig into the deepest corners of the oceans, we can see the unseen, know the unknown. We can let our gadgets to work for us, cars to run for us, computers and smartphones to write for us. We can talk and see the person sitting in the other part of the globe and many more. Now tell me, how we came here in that stage? Some minds, some thoughts and some people behind those led us here we are now!

Human being has donkey like and human like qualities. A donkey carries the burden he likes or not and are some people who kept on doing things he doesn’t like for some pennies or security he wants. It is through taking challenges, facing them or fighting them things done on earth. To survive we need to take challenges and of course challenges are not rosier things! Here comes the question of making choices or taking decisions. Where animal drives are predictable, their needs are limited human beings are the most unpredictable of the creatures of God and they can perform unlimited things. When human use those faculties and potentialities then they become human actually. Before than we are merely animals like thousands of creatures around the world.

What is the norms of doing something new, doing something extraordinary? First thing needed is imagination, which will let your ideas, your dreams to fly. How one can let one’s imagination fly? Through adding fuels of experience which we derive from our life, from the lives of others who are living far away and who are long dead! Yes, the ideas and thoughts of the past are recorded and written in books. Hence reading and experiencing or learning newer things is necessary to add fuel to imagine and to dream.

After the dream works what we need to do is to take control of the mad horse called imagination. We need to bring the dream into plan or work agenda. Dreams and imaginations are like building castles in the wind unless we make plan or wish to plan to bring them into reality. We all remember the saying of APJ Abul Kalam, former president of India, “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.” He also elaborated further, “You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” Here we can add Walt Disney’s saying “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Who can dare to disagree with him? He had created the magical world called Disneyland, who decreased the distance between dreams and reality! This Walt Disney was once termed as a man ‘lack in imagination’ and ‘having no original ideas’ by one of his earlier employers. But his dreamy world ‘Disney Land’ and ‘Micky Mouse’ now ruling the dreams of millions!

Now you can add another question, how dreams come true? Remember Colin Powell, the first black American Secretary of State saying, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

No more quotations! What to do with the dreams? After dreaming all those dreams we need to draw them in our plans and start working out to bring them into reality. What is the quality which make people to be persistent, hard working and tireless for running after dreams? You can say many other things. I find obsession, the godfather of all godfathers!


What do the obsessed people do? When somebody is obsessed with something they do things consciously or unconsciously the things they are obsessed with. Obsession make people to run after dreams tirelessly. He gets enough salary or not he will run after the obsessions. Is obsession good or bad? Obsession is a human drive which can do miraculous thing if it can be channelled properly. I think channelling is a big challenge for obsession. It can take people to nowhere and it can also take people to the top!

Let’s see what is there in the dictionary for ‘obsession’.  Merriam Webster dictionary says Obsession is ‘ a state in which someone thinks about someone or something constantly or frequently especially in a way that is not normal’. If somebody is obsessed with something he/she forgets many other things if not all. It is in some ways dangerous and risky but its benefits are also many. When somebody is obsessed with something he/she is focused on that object or goal and can work tirelessly until he/she achieves it or fail trying but never quitting.



Sabidin Ibrahim


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