Far from the Madding Crowd, the Eloquence of Silence

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Public life is somewhat dangerous. It takes much of your private self! One need to relieve oneself from the bondage one created for oneself! One need to give some times to oneself. One may submit oneself to the silence for awhile to expose one’s truer self. In other words one should take discipleship of silence for awhile which is not a bad master!

Due to the social media and regular public exposure it is very common to notice that many of our friends are showing their boredom, fatigue, irritation, dissatisfaction, anger explicitly. There are, of course, some reasons outside but most of them are rather psychological. We are troubled by our surrounding and the problems there but we also endanger our surrounding through our troubled psychological state which in most of the cases are avoidable. One of the many reasons behind those mental trauma or psychological disorder is giving much times to others while keeping less time or no time to oneself.

So what are the solutions? Of course the solution is in the problem itself! For example, if you stay alone for a few days how much loss you will earn for your account? If you keep your phone off for few days what will happen? Are we scared to hear that idea? How people used to communicate with near and dear ones before the introduction of mobile, internet, social sites and emails and the flood of messaging apps?

When did you take the break last time?

One need to have a break, man! We’re not machines or even machines need break quite often! When did you take your last break for silence? When did you truly pass quality time with yourself? What will happen if you take holiday to silences?


If you still need some friends, surround yourself with the best of friends available on earth! And who are among the best of friends? Yes. Nothing other than the books! In your silence you can keep yourself in a company of half dozen or a dozen of good books. Reading a good book is like taking bath in a fountain which cleans and purifies our mind and soul! And you will see, after the break you will find yourself fresh as if you have taken a bath in the fountain of youth and eternity. Reading a great book is to take a bath in a fountain in the hottest summer. It is like renewing one’s life, regaining ones own self in most of the cases murdered or half dead by society, family or servitude of daily life.

Through powders and soaps we clean our clothes and our body but what are the stuffs who can clean and purify one’s soul? Yes, books are the best of your master, best doctor and best therapist. Books are, truly your best company, best friend, best enemy and best complement or supplement yet the gentlest in appearance, mildest but with the fire inside to burn; burn to destroy and create, recreate and deconstruct.

You may talk to a book, consult with her without inhibition and reserve. You may argue with her, fight the hardest of your battles, you may sometimes win or most of the time lose! But there is no glorious defeat than to be defeated to a book!

It is one of the learning of defeats one can have on earth!

One needs silence as s/he needs friends. And silence is no less worthier a friend! I bet, it sometimes the best and truest of friends! It is silence who can help you to read yourself the best, to judge and critic the best. It is silence which can truly help you to unleash your creativity, find or bring out the best in you. Try to read the eloquence of silence, silently! Before exploring many friends we need to explore ourselves more which remain unexplored by many. We can’t ignore we ourselves, our truest and nearest of friends!

And I think the best way to celebrate happiness is with the company of books and the best way to fight against sorrows is also with the books! Aren’t they are the best of friends?

In this age of flooding social media, mobile phones, internet, emails, vibar and lot many messaging apps it is very hard to hide oneself. Everyone is one or other sorts of celebrity enjoying public life or public attention.


But most of the people forget they ignore themselves most when they focus on appearing in front of public or pleasing them more often for example with a status, post, sharing photos or selfies.

There is a common outcome of these practices and they are no other than fatigue, frustration, loneliness in those persons. Some find out their own way to find out or make themselves come out of the shackles and most of the others are overwhelmed by them!


Sabidin Ibrahim


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