I’m Digging a Grave

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Rafiq Azad (1942-2016)

I’m Digging a Grave

Rafiq Azad

I’m digging a grave,

For whom?

  • I don’t know.


My parents are still alive,

Two hundred years they’ll live

It I firmly believe.

  • The grave is not for them.


The only brother I have

Though he is ill a little bit

I want him live for good.

  • So, not for him as well.


Sickened with death of husband is

My alone sister

  • Not for her too.


Unassuming my better half

Is my secured harbor

  • Not for her obviously.


My pleasure, my affection

Dear my Off-springs

  • Never for them.


My beloved

A blooming sunflower

  • Not for her too.


Even no tendency I have

To commit suicide

  • So, certainly not for me;


But that I’m digging a grave

Is true-

For whom?

  • I don’t know.


Translation: Safi Ullah, a fiction writer and translator

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