Labyrinth of Life

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Novel: Looking for Alaska
Author: John Green
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile

The whole story flows with a labyrinth which placed conspicuously through friendship, love and repents for mistakes or unconsciousness specially unknowing.

Now we desect the story through those point of view: friendship, love and repent & afford to discover the convolution of the story.

Miles & Alaska is most leading character from the very beginning of the novel to the end.They are introduced to each other by the Colonel, Alaska’s blossom, at a school named Culver Creek Preparatory High School. Takumi is another friend of them, has a great fascination on emcee.

Miles has a great obsession with the last word of famed person.It’s utterly noted, at beginning of the story when he leaves home for school, by Miles ‘I go to for great perhaps the last word of Francois Rabelais.After knowing his such obsession, Alaska delivers him, ‘Damn it.How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!,’ a Simon Bivors last word.Miles asks Alaska about labyrinth but she bet him saying that if he can decipher what the labyrinth is,s he will provide him a girlfriend.

Miles suddenly kidnapped by the Weekday Warrior, the enemy of Alaska, Takumi and the Colonel, as a revenge of expulsion of Paul, the Warriors friend. However, they afford to reverberate the Warrior finally and so they celebrate a party all night long.Alaska shared his melancholic memory of her mother’s death by which she gets drived into guilt.She admits that she still feels guilty for not calling 911, although she didn’t understand what was happening at that time.Listening this Miles discloses the labyrinth that that was a person’s suffering and human must try to go their way out.

At the end of the story, inebriated Alaska, seen to be death by voluntary road accident, so to say, commited suicide to get rid of herself from that guilt.Miles, the Colonel, Takumi, Lara team up with the Warrior and make a celebration on the way of Alaska’s life to commemorate her.Miles finds Alaska’s copy of ‘The general in his labyrinth’ with the labyrinth quote underlined including ‘straight and fast’ in the margin.

Lara and Jake have a little presence in the whole story though both characters furnish the literary beauty of the novel.


-Abdullah Al Roman

Department of Philosophy, University of Dhak

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