The Storm by Kahlil Gibran-A Reading

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Storm is evident, storm is inevitable and it is necessary. Storm is required to unsettle the stillness inside you.

Hence we need to come under the shade of some books and thoughts which can be used to remove the stillness and stealthiness of the mind.

Luckily I came across The Storm of Kahlil Gibran which washed my heart and spirit after some toiling events in the last few months. As we need some proteins to grow our muscle so we need some proteins to grow our imaginative muscle too! Good books which carry good thoughts are such proteins for our mind and soul.

As we need nourishment for our body so we need nourishment for our soul as well! Good books and great thoughts are nourishment for our mind and soul.

Kahlil Gibran, a man and a seer who can say and see many things In want to say and see. So I find a natural attachment to him. I love his mastery of exposing deep thoughts with lucid expression and his ability to unmask the deepest part of human soul and its profundity!

Thanks to The Storm(Stories and prose poems) of Kahlil Gibran. Really it’s the book of the month! Though it’s a very short books which I can read within two hours but it takes a month to live in that book and absorb only a few portion of it. It really mended my broken parts of my soul in this month and purified my heart!

Thank you maestro, love you Ustad Kahlil Gibran!

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